Friday, February 18, 2011

Willy Worm's Family Tree

So most of you are familiar with my issue with worms and the fact that if you cut one in half, and both ends live, they may later meet, fall in love, and mate. It’s a weird predicament, like the worst family tree ever –

Who’s your mom?


Who’s your dad?


Who are you?


And then what if you cut that worm in half and it found it’s other half attractive and it had its own worm-babies again and then it’s grandparents and parents (and then if you cut it half again and it had babies, then it’s kids too) would all be itself.

And you wonder why worms are ugly. At least that’s what I wonder, but is it true?

Well, all the wondering will soon come to an end – I have someone who enlisted their child to do a science project on this.

I was very happy, but it made me realize that I missed my calling.

My calling was actually to be a junior high school science teacher. Imagine all the theories that I could have tested…my very own think tank!!

“Here’s a worm kids and a pair of scissors – go to work!” very own sweat shop!

happy friday!

PS. just so you are not left hanging - the research was done (not by 9th grade scientists) and in conclusion the same worm could not reproduce with itself in the above situation. In simple terms - if both ends did survive, the butt end couldn't grow a new head and therefore never figure out how to reproduce.

Also - 90% of the butt ends of worms die when split. They may wiggle away, akin to a chicken with it's head chopped off, but they will just shrivel up as soon as you stop looking. Please do not cut worms in half.