Tuesday, February 3, 2015

To my faithful readers....

Hi Ken!  :)


Why Pick February? Cause it is the shortest month, therefore I have the best chance of success....

Friday: friend and mentor’s last day of work. Went for drinks.


Saturday: very tired from all the travel as of late, plus previous nights drinks. Went out for dinner with friends. Decided to join a friend on his ‘Sober February’ undertaking, figured why not be there for moral support and get a little more healthy myself in the process.

Sunday: babysat nephew and watched Super bowl. Changed first diaper. Traumatized. Had a beer to forget.

Monday: went to airport. Filled out customs card. Signed and dated customs card. Dated…wait, what? It’s the 2nd of February??? NO!!!! OMG, that means yesterday was also February! Oh no. I failed.

Monday evening: sat on a plane for 4 hours and spent first three hours wondering – do I admit I failed?? I mean no one who knows about the February thing saw me drink that beer. And it was an honest mistake... I didn't know it was February ALREADY?! I mean, it was JUST christmas... And beside that, anyone that has to change a diaper should automatically get a beer - so there is no way that particular beer, given the circumstance, should even count. That should be THE RULE over and above all other rules in life! Change a diaper; get a beer. In fact, that diaper genie thingy should HAND you a beer when you hand it a diaper. Now there, THAT would be a genie...

…spent last hour of flight realizing –If I was a mother and had to have a beer every diaper change, by day three I'd probably not have been a very good one….

I Need My Space!

Tomorrow I go to NASA under the premise of a 'tour of the space center'.

But really, I'm secretly doing reconissance work. I want to get the lay of the land, if you will. For my plan while I'm in Houston is to start frequenting the grounds like I belong. I plan to just go and hang out there, lunch there most days, rent a space suit and wear it as I wander around saying 'good morning, how's the family?' to everyone like we've worked together for years. I want me and that space suit to become so ingrained in everyone's minds, they will eventually mistake me for an astronaut and send me to outer space!

I thought the Galapagoes was out of this world....just imagine a trip that really is 'out of this world'!!!!!


Guns don't kill people...people kill people

I work in Houston, Texas now.
In the office there is a sign that tells people they cannot bring their guns to work.
But that doesn't make any sense?!  I mean, how do they plan to settle work conflicts???
Then I noticed there is no sign for 'no swords'
...so I guess that's how!