Thursday, August 9, 2012

Big Bag Bust

I ran out of sandwich bags.  So, when I went to the store for milk, I stopped in the bag aisle.  I found the sandwich bags and picked up the box of 50 bags.  But then I saw that the box of 75 bags was half the price.  Who's the idiot who would buy 50 bags for twice the price of 75 bags I thought!??  Not me!  So I put back the box of 50, grabbed the 75, paid half the price and went home with a big smirk on my face!

Next morning I made myself a nice sandwich - turkey on squirrel bread with sprouts and cucumber slices.  I opened my new box of bags and went to insert my sandwich to find that it only fit half way.  WHAT?!  What the heck is this?

I pulled out my sandwich and examined the bag - it was sandwich size across, but only half the depth of a sandwich.  I've been ripped off!

I grabbed the box and took a closer look.  "75 bags 16.5 cm x 8.2cm".  WHAT THE F???  A slice of bread is approximately 16.5 x 14.9 centimetres.  Duh.  Okay.  Who's the idiot now??

YES.  That's right - it's the guy who made a Half-A-Sandwich bag.  What good is a half a sandwich bag??  And to top it off - if you are going to make a half a sandwich bag at least put an even number of bags in the friggin box.  So now, because of some guy who's obviously never even had a sandwich, I have to make 38 sandwiches, bag 37.5 sandwiches for lunches and let the second half of sandwich #38 go stale on the counter.

All because some guy who failed 'How to use a ruler 101' goes into bag making.  What's next - Half-A-Pair-Of-Shoes boxes???


Friday, August 3, 2012


I work in IT.    I'm pretty nerdy so I fit in....most of the time....

Co-worker 1: Did you hear they are making the Hobit into three movies?

Co-worker 2: Ya, that sucks.  Like that isn't a money grab.

Co-worker 3: Where are they going to get all the extra content from?  Even with the appendices they can't stretch it into three movies.

Co-worker 4: I can't believe it either, but you know I did find some clips online and it looks like they are going to do some pretty cool stuff.

Tanya: I wish they'd make Magic Mike into three movies.