Thursday, February 28, 2013

What's the weather now?

Every morning I check the weather app on my phone so I can dress appropriately - scarf, no scarf; mittens, no mittens; sunglasses, no sunglasses; etc.  For the past couple weeks, I check the weather, dress appropriately then walk outside only to find it is a lot nicer than I expected.

My phone says minus 12, feels like minus 18 - so I touque it.  Get outside and people are wearing shorts.  Now the weather in Calgary changes fast.  People joke that it changes every 10 minutes.  But even if that weren't an exaggeration - it doesn't take me ten minutes to lock my door and walk down two flights of stairs.  Yet, every day lately, without fail, by the time I put my mittens on and get out the door, the weather has gone from mitten-weather, to non-mitten-weather.

Again this morning.  Yesterday was nice out, today it said coldish, so I dressed for coldish - got outside....oh crumb!  I'm hot.  And not in the 'check me out, I'm beautiful' kind of way.  I'm sweating hot.

So I'm at work and someone says - oh it's supposed to be nice this weekend - plus ten.  And I think, this guy's on crack.  My phone said around the 0 mark, with snow.  So okay for end of february, but no plus ten....

I pulled out my phone and tuned into the weather network just to show him how wrong he was.  And in big bright letters it read - 5 day forecast - -1; 0; -1; -6, -11

I had done it - proved him wrong!  He agreed that what I said was just what the forecast read, but then ever so graciously pointed out that above the forecast, in big bright letters, it also read "Saskatoon"...