Friday, March 14, 2014

Excuse me, you're dripping.....

Do you know what freaks me out?

Drops of liquid on the floor of a bathroom stall.

How??!  How does that happen?  Girls wipe, not shake – I don’t care what number it is.  The ceiling isn’t leaking.  You didn’t come out with a glass of water that spilled.  And the sink is outside the stall so it’s not like those drops fell from your fingers between the sink and the paper towel.  So how did the droplets get there??! 

AND, even if you ‘forgot’ to wipe, just like you ‘forgot’ to wash your hands on the way out, when you stand up, wouldn’t your ‘droplets’ land on you own gotch?  Standing with your pants down or your skirt hiked, you would still have your gotch between you and the floor, no?  Or did you also forget your gotch?  

To all the gotchless, non-wipers out there – when you go to the bathroom, take a freakin’ mop.  No one in the world has any desire to step in your floor pee. 

…I wonder…does your cat have a litterbox or does everyone in your house just pee on the floor?

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