Friday, September 27, 2013

Chop Chop

Pinch me!

My two favorite things in the whole entire universe are going to the hair salon and having a beer.  To my delight I have discovered a salon in Vancouver that serves you beer while they cut your hair!! 
I’m not making this up  I promise – heck, I could never lead you on about something so delicious.  Aww...sigh....I always thought that was what heaven was - a never-ending someone running their fingers through your hair while you sipped a never ending beer.  But now I find this is something I can do before I die!  You can imagine my excitement!!

You know, I’ve been to Kathmandu and Marrakesh and Ebenezer, and that was all nice…but let me tell you it’s going to be surreal to scratch “Go to heaven” from my bucket list!




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